Leisure Pools and Spa Centre Toowoomba sell and install award-winning Oasis Spas. Take some time to view a wide range of models including our awesome Swim Spa.  Bring your togs so you can get in and experience the extra massage capabilities that are delivered when you combine strong and efficient pump action with big bore jet technology.

Our spas are quieter, roomier and more comfortable and offer the ultimate spa experience.  As the world leaders in swim spa technology, Oasis Swim Spas are more enjoyable to swim in.  All of our spas and swim spas come with premium features included in the price.  If you’re looking for a premium spa or swim spa at an affordable price, Oasis spas offer unbeatable value for the discerning spa buyer.

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Oasis Swim Spas

Oasis build real swim spas engineered to last and give you the swim and spa experience you expect.  Each jet is powered by its own pump, with the jet positioning being crucial to ensure the water flow creates the necessary water resistance against your shoulders and torso.  Unlike other swim spa brands, we don’t use restrictors or aerators to create a false appearance of water movement.  With an Oasis Swim Spa, you can swim properly and comfortably in clear smooth water, and not harsh patchy foam. 

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Oasis Spas

Oasis Spas are designed and engineered in Australia for Australian conditions.  As a premium brand, Oasis Spas provides you with the ultimate spa experience with world-leading spa technology, roomy and super comfortable designs, and premium features.  All Oasis Spas are built to the highest standards under strict quality control guidelines and come with a solid warranty and Australia wide lifetime support.

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