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Taking the plunge with a pool or spa means weekly chemical treatments, plenty of cleaning, back washing, vacuuming, skimming...the list is endless!  We offer fast, professional pool maintenance packages designed to meet your needs. If detected and dealt with early, many pool problems can be easily and efficiently solved before they become bigger, more costly issues.

Leisure Pools and Spa Centre Toowoomba have a range of Pool Service Packages to suit your needs.  We have weekly, fortnightly, monthly (4 weekly) or casual packages.

Professional Pool and Spa Servicing Packages:

Weekly Servicing          $45.00 / Week
Fortnightly Servicing    $55.00 / Fortnight
Monthly Servicing        $75.00 / Month
Casual Servicing           $75.00 / Service

Repairs and Maintenance:
We organise the repair of pumps, cleaners, blowers and chlorinators.


Hourly Rate for Postcodes 4350 and 4352
Call Out Hourly Rate    $75.00 / Hour

All Other Postcodes ( + Travel)

Call Out Hourly Rate    $75.00 / Hour + $45.00 / Hour Travel

Additional Service Items:

Cell Clean                              $15.00
Pool Brush                             $5.00
               Small Pool              $15.00
               Medium Pool         $20.00
               Large Pool              $30.00

Service, Test and Inspection Inclusions:

  • Scoop and skim

  • Back wash/cartridge clean

  • Chlorine, pH, alkalinity and water level

  • Calcium hardness test

  • Salt test (if applicable)

  • Phosphate and stabilizer test

  • Check and clean skimmer box

  • Check and clean filter pump

  • Check filter pressure

  • Check solar heater pump (if applicable)

  • Check salt chlorinator (if applicable)

  • Check auto chlorinator (if applicable)

  • Check general debris

  • Check auto cleaner operations

  • Check water clarity, scale and algae

  • Check chemical levels

  • Check/adjust automatic timers

Pool Cleaning

Oh no! Something not going right?  Help is only a click or a phone call away!  Request a call out if you have any problem with your pool, spa or equipment.

We will arrange for a Leisure Pools and Spa Centre Toowoomba Service Technician to sort out any problem including green pool clean-ups, faulty pool or spa equipment, water leaks, chlorinator problems and a whole lot more!

Green Pools Clean Ups

We require a $75.00 upfront payment to commence work at the time of booking.  The cost and time taken to clean your pool will depend upon the severity of the infestation and the size of your pool.  There will be a minimum of two visits to the pool made by our Service Technician but further visits may be necessary.  As part of the clean up process we will vacuum your pool to waste.  Please increase the water level of the pool to where it completely covers the skimmer box.  Do not use the pool or alter the equipment settings until our Green Pool Clean-up has been completed.

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