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Leisure Pools and Spa Centre Toowoomba sell and install award-winning modular above and below ground pools.  Each Classic Pool is meticulously engineered to provide a range of solutions tailored to meet your needs.  So whether you are looking for an above ground installation, a partially submerged pool, or a complete in-ground solution, you are sure to find the one for you.

Classic Pools is a multiple gold award winner, as acknowledged by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). For the last six years, Classic Pools have been awarded the best above ground pool in Australia, a true testament to the quality, strength and design of the product.

To compliment your swimming pool, we also provide a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories to help you create the ultimate pool for your backyard.

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Classic Majestic Pools

The Majestic Salt Water pool is a stylish and functional resin pool which is salt water compatible and can be installed above, partially or completely in ground.

The award winning design of the Majestic Salt Water pool provides a swimming pool that will be a fantastic source of entertainment.  

Ideally suited for in-ground installation this pool is at the forefront of modular pool design.  A healthy choice for your family, this pool provides the easy way to pool care. This pool will ensure many years of enjoyment and help create your backyard paradise.

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The Majestic Pool

The Majestic Pool

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Classic Signature Pools

Designed for most backyards, the Signature pool range features a modern design, a wide range of sizes and an affordable price tag. Suitable for almost all forms of sanitation other than salt water, whether it is ionised fresh water, or treated with liquid chlorine, just like our drinking water is, this is a robust pool that comes with a 20 year limited warranty.

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